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Perfect Automation helps automate routine operations such as computer maintenance and startup actions without programming. Featuring a complete set of automation tools, Perfect Automation includes an ability to record and play back mouse and keyboard actions, a quick-launch utility to start applications, advanced scheduler allowing running actions at a certain time or on a certain event, and a fully featured script editor that supports Gentee, an open-source programming language for the advanced users. Perfect Automation creates stand-alone .exe files for easy execution. Perfect Automation`s strong point is tight integration of various automation features into a single convenient package. How often do you see a mouse recorder bundled with an advanced scheduler and a scripting language? Perfect Automation not only includes all these features together, but integrates them into a single package. The product welcomes new and advanced computer users, making it easy to automate common operations with no programming yet allowing the more advanced users to access the script`s source code in Gentee, an open-source programming language. Needless to say, a script editor comes bundled with Perfect Automation. Using commands from the script language allows performing complex tasks and tasks with various execution paths depending on current conditions or return values of other programs. With Gentee, your possibilities to automate Windows are practically endless! Unlike competition, Perfect Automation creates stand-alone executable (.exe) files that require no extra libraries and can be run on computers with no Perfect Automation installed. Using Perfect Automation is like being a software developer without programming!

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